UP TuksMonate Dining Hall and Promenade

The University of Pretoria TuksMonate Dining Hall was completed at the beginning of 2014. The landscaping consists of a Promenade approximately 400m long. The pathway allows for pedestrians and cyclists. The design is very rhythmic with raised seating walls and pause areas, allowing students to wait for friends or enjoy the refreshments, they purchased at the new dining hall. The piazza area allows for outside gatherings and informal seating and can be used for outdoor functions. We are very excited about the installation of LED strip lights, that light up the promenade and create a spectacular effect at night.

The site was effectively flat and posed a challenge to the landscape architect to create interest. The design philosophy was to play with the landscape to create mounds. The mounds are placed along the southern side of the promenade and together with the planting enclose views towards the building. Only as you approach the building, do the views open up and a sense of arrival is created. The soil excavated for the building was re-used for the mounds.

Water management was taken into consideration, due to the length of the promenade, a lot of water run-off will take place. A bio-swale was created along the northern edge of the promenade, and suitable planting was planted in bands.

This project was awarded an ILASA Award of Excellence in 2015, as well as the Just Trees Award for the Best Use of Trees in a Landscape Design.

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Al-Ghazali College


Al-Ghazali College is a private school in Erasmia, Pretoria. The beautiful Moorish Architecture of the building was let down by the neglected courtyard landscape. A large existing Camphor tree creates lovely shade but the shallow roots and the dense shade cover prevented anything to grow underneath. Instead of removing the beautiful tree, which gives a sense of place to the courtyard, we opted for artificial lawn. Raised planters were included in strategic places to frame the the courtyard. The planters function is to create seating for children during break times and the fact that the planters are raised, allows plants to grow without being trampled.

The areas outside the building perimeters, were very run down as well and was mostly wasted space. We created an outdoor art area and planted fruit trees, that can be seen from the classroom windows. An area for vegetable gardening was also created, with trellises for climbing plants, to green an unsightly boundary fence.

2014-02-24 landscape plan

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